“Katie’s singing and songwriting spring up directly from the well watered soil of a life lived out of love for people. Whether those people are a bustle of Ghanaian children in her arms, gathered friends circling her warm living room, or any number of folks who've found safe harbor from struggle in her friendship, Katie sings from a place of truth and compassion for people. Every song combines an honest eye to the brokenness we share with the melody of hope and welcome we all long for.”

- Matthew Clark, singer/songwriter/storyteller 

“Whether you've just met Katie or have had the privilege of knowing her for a long time, it's evident that Katie loves music, people, and God.  Her songs bring these themes together just as her life illustrates these three loves.  She's famous for her joyful smile, and Katie's songs will bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart.”- Hugh Griffith, Campus Minister at Wesley Foundation at Mississippi State University

“Katie is a rare find — talent wrapped in humility. It’s said that people don’t often remember what you said, but how you made them feel. While you will be left humming Katie’s catchy melodies inviting lyrics, you’ll also remember how she made you feel. Hopeful that Christ is working and moving in your life, and ever calling you closer to him.”

- Casey Combast, producer & owner of BlueSkys Studios

"Katie's music flows straight from her heart.  She tells stories of a firsthand faith forged in the trials of life, the joy of Jesus, and the hope that knows no single language or nationality.  And it's just great music, perfectly suited for celebration, personal reflection, or soundtracking your day."

- Pat Ward, RafikiFriends President

"Katie's music is one of many ways that God's love pours out of her. It overflows with every smiling note saying that you are loved by your Maker. "

- Corey McKnatt, Production Director at Real Life Christian Church